Jelly's Last Jam synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue "Jelly's Last Jam" 
  3. In My Day 
  4. The Creole Way 
  5. The Whole World's Waitin' To Sing Your Song 
  6. Street Scene 
  7. Michigan Water 
  8. Get Away Boy 
  9. Lonely Boy Blues 
  10. The Banishment 
  11. Somethin' More (Includes The Pool Game) 
  12. That's How You Jazz 
  13. The Chicago Strut 
  14. Play The Music For Me 
  15. Lovin' Is A Lowdown Blues 
  16. Doctor Jazz 
  17. Act 2
  18. Good Ole New York 
  19. Too Late, Daddy 
  20. That's The Way We Do Things In New York 
  21. Last Chance Blues 
  22. The Last Rites 

Jelly's Last Jam synopsis

Jelly's Last Jam Synopsis - Broadway musical

Before the death, all remember own life. The brightest moments, unbearably painful or infinitely happy, tightening the chest, they stand before the eyes as very vivid pictures that you cannot be distracted from. In this histrionics shown the other side of life of Ferdinand J. LaMothe, which is better known as Jelly Roll Morton. Old man goes in some similarity of Purgatory and, while being there, recalls the moments from his life.

Reluctantly, he remembers his childhood. The rich Creole family of mixed race lives in New Orleans. From the earliest years, Ferdinand intensively studied music and, arriving on the streets as a teenager, he realizes that he had found his vocation not in secular education, but in music. He meets a variety of African American and white musicians, memorizing everything to study from them and grabbing every piece of experience. But the grandmother of the young Ferdinand is categorically against such a way of life of a young man, and then, after discovering that her grandson went against the decision of the family, disowned from him. Thus, Jelly Roll Morton was born.

Forced to follow this way, he becomes a notable and well-known musician and composer. He declares himself the founder of jazz and wherever he is, he not only shows that he has a Creole roots, but refer to his real name of French origin. We meet in the plot racism and ambitions, eternal wandering and loss of many close and dear people because of it. Morton knew that he was great, but on too many things he was trying to waste own life. Of course, not everything has been done in vain, his name will remain forever in the guides on jazz history for his great contribution in this direction, but his losses were also high.

Only at the very end of the path, in Purgatory, after finding himself outside of the earthly life, Morton admits that he was wrong in many things and that all his self-confidence was in vain and cost him too much. Then the shadows of long-forgotten people from his life surround his figure, to congratulate him on well-deserved place among other jazz legends.
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