Into the Woods synopsis

Into the Woods synopsis

Into the Woods Synopsis - Broadway musical

As in any fairy tale, this story also begins with the words "Once Upon a Time", and then the audience gets acquainted with the initial characters: Cinderella, a childless couple – a baker and his wife, who wants to change their status to “with child”, and the local poor, among whose possessions only a cow. The mother of poor inciting him to sell the cow and Red Ridinghood comes to the local baker to bring the pastries to a sick grandmother. The cause of infertility of a baker is the curse of an evil witch, because somehow his father had stolen vegetables from the garden of witch, for which she bewitched his family, taking away from them a little just-born daughter Rapunzel (juridical example of how the punishment is excessively disproportionate to misdemeanor). The condition for removing the curse is to find 4 items, which she didn’t get herself for her magic. After circumstances of several people intertwined together, all of them depart in the woods: Ridinghood carries pies, poor man is going to sell his cow, and a childless couple looking for the missing items.

Along the way, to them happens one by one such events: Cinderella gets a nice outfit from the ghost of her mother, Ridinghood encounters, of course, on charming grandiloquent wolf, and the poor man on the road comes across some geezer who offers a cow in exchange for the beans. Then a childless couple buys his cow for magic beans indeed (although none of the participants of the exchange transaction does believe in this their property), feeling remorse, but in the hope to see their daughter alive, they’ll do anything. Then the baker steals red headdress of Ridinghood, but she is beating in the ongoing hysteria and he returns it. Rapunzel, meanwhile, found in her hideout in the woods by prince, accidentally spying for insidious witch and he decides to climb up to her.

The wolf eats the poor Ridinghood, but baker from mercenary motives (he needs a red cap, because a witch demanded it among the ingredients), kills the wolf, freeing her and her grandmother. Ridinghood gives him a hat, Cinderella escapes from the ball (without her brougham, often mentioned in other tales) and hiding in the house of baker’s wife, who wants to steal away from her golden shoe to give the witch a third ingredient. But future victim of theft escapes and releases the cow, depriving the baker's wife of two ingredients. Giant beanstalk starts to grow. The poor man is taken on it, in giant house and stealing their gold to buy the cow, but discovers that the cow ran away and embarks on her quest. Meanwhile, both princes – Cinderella's and Rapunzel's, discussing the renouncement from these beautiful girls, lamenting on the cruel fate.

Baker and his wife mine required elements (although 3 of 4) and want to finish the quest, because the evil witch has imposed a curse on them, ending within 3 days. The poor man is now on the scene with a chicken that lays golden eggs – he stole it from the same giant’s house. Cow dies at midnight. Witch kicks Rapunzel out of the house, cutting off her magic hair, because she wanted to be with a handsome prince, and not with her. The poor man visits the giant house in heaven for the third time, trying to profit from them even more.

Another magical bean sprouts in a large stem, Cinderella exchanges her shoe, instead of a dead cow another one bought and now the 4 elements assembled by couple of bakers. In an unsuccessful attempt to enrich, poor man woke up the giant, he chased him until the poor man cutted down the stem, and the giant died from hitting the ground. The dead cow is summoned back to life, she was fed with the remaining 3 magical elements and provided a magical milk, which is actually a potion to a witch, who becomes a beautiful girl and the spell collapses. Cinderella's prince searching for his beloved, during which process, her evil stepsisters cut off her toes, trying to wear the shoe, and Rapunzel gives birth to twins in the desert. Witch can harm nobody no more, because all her spells were lost along with this drank potion. Stepsisters of Cinderella were blinded by birds as revenge for the sufferings that caused to her.

The second act begins with the fact that the characters have returned to a quiet life, but only the second bean still grows. The former poor man is rich now and has well nutrition, a childless couple gave birth to the child, and Cinderella is in languish. Suddenly, the wife of the giant gets down to the ground and began to smash all around, including the house of the grandmother of Red Ridinghood; the princes of the kingdom, as it seems, do not care about the pogroms by monster. Former poor decides to murder giant and storylines of the main characters are intertwined that way they are again in the forest, but now the mood of all is the more sinister.

Rapunzel went insane, fled into the forest and met there two princes, who escaped from a boring life with their wives-princesses Sleeping Beauty & Snow White. Giant meanwhile destroyed the village and gets to the castle, and then comes to the forest, wanting to kill Jack to calm down, but the group decides to give it a narrator, as the most useless member of their pride.
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