Into the Woods review

Into the Woods Review - Broadway musical

The interest to this musical rose again in 2014, when it was shoot as a filmed version, made by Walt Disney, with music by Stephen Sondheim, with such big stars like Meryl Streep (she received even an Oscar nomination as the Best Supporting Actress), Emily Blunt (which this year managed to be shot with Tom Cruise in the intellectual battle, megahit Edge Of Tomorrow), Chris Pine & Johnny Depp.

The vocals of all the characters were chosen bright, especially differently were shrilly women’s, and most of all – Meryl Streep, a big fading star, but still phenomenally experienced actress who plays a worthy witch of all ages, and has no equal ones in this, it should be recognized.

This show is one of "alive" ones at the present time and was staged the last time a few days ago, in Ontario in 2016 with such a set of actors: M. Lacas, B. Hoover, C. Panth, M. Nash, H. Ritchie, C. Asuncion, A. Reed, E. Winsor, J. Peters, N. Banks, M. Shkvorets, R. Wood, J. King, S. Demitro, A. Swift, S. Harris, J. Sampa, K. Thomas-Smith & M. Bourke. J. Hutton was the director and M. Shuster was responsible for the choreography.

In this big epos, several short stories intertwined along with everything imaginable fairy tale, each of them having an alternative course and – most interestingly – nothing here ends with the words "And they lived happily ever after". Only the first act ends on this, but begins the second, no less fascinating. If the entire story was described a little more extensive than in the Synopsis section, encompassing all the details and storylines, especially in Act 2, it had to be extended for another 2-3 pages – so much of everything going on here. The viewer encounters a bunch of princesses and princes, some of which are relatives. The viewer learns that after the words of a long happy life in fairy tales everything is much more prosaic than you can imagine – not the endless balls and royal life, of which dreams every ordinary woman. All is proving to be a desire to hang out in nightclubs, infinitely change clothes and eat good food. That is, the reincarnation of basic desires in the world of rich kings. But in fact, all goes quite the opposite way – dresses come to an end; balls are filled with bunch of some people, wanting to entertain themselves as much as the princess with the prince, not showing nothing but ordinary individuality with Napoleon complexes and desire to stick a knife in your back as deep as possible to take your place. As for the food, according to the latest studies of historians of period of the true kings, the common people and noble persons were eating almost the same. And, as indicated by the film The Jewel Of The Nile with Michael Douglas, which starts just after "they floated into the dusk to live happily…", the most interesting things happen BEFORE this part, when all happily reunited in the end. This shows the beginning of the second act of this musical. At the same time, it is also replete with events and its distinctive feature is few interesting storylines develop, tighten and resolved.
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