Illya Darling synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Po, Po, Po 
  3. Dance 
  4. Zebekiko 
  5. Piraeus, My Love 
  6. Golden Land 
  7. Zebekiko (Reprise) 
  8. Love, Love, Love Love, Love, Love Video
  9. I Think She Needs Me 
  10. I'll Never Lay Down Any More 
  11. After Love 
  12. Birthday Song 
  13. Medea Tango 
  14. Illya Darling 
  15. Act 2
  16. Dear Mr. Schubert 
  17. The Lesson 
  18. Never on Sunday 
  19. Piraeus, My Love (Reprise) 
  20. Medea Tango (Reprise) 
  21. Dance 2 
  22. Ya Chara 

Illya Darling synopsis

Illya Darling Synopsis - Broadway musical

Illya works as a prostitute. While other women of such "profession" have a souteneur, she doesn't have one. She determines her own prices and doesn't sleep with the men, who aren't attractive to her. The other girls have to submit to Garbage, who, in his turn, works for an anonymous person.

Illya is a very freedom-loving and reckless girl. This is a charming sexy blonde, who loves carefree life, nevertheless, doesn't allow treating herself as a thing. She lives by her own principles. The woman has even her own schedule. For example, on Monday, she has good time with Tomio, on Tuesday – with Oras, on Wednesday – with Phil, and on Thursday, she dances at a restaurant with Gorgio, while Friday is devoted to Homer, and Saturday… to all. And only on Sundays she is guided by an accurate taboo – "Never on Sunday!"

One day, having looked out of the window, she notices the ship, which is sailing to the coast of solar country. She is in anticipation of new handsome and interesting men. The girl doesn't know yet that the person, who will change her destiny, has come on this ship.

Homer comes to Greece to have a rest and meets Illya. He is a shy and self-closed person from America. Homer teaches classic philology and that is why Greece, with its language and culture, is the most attractive country for him. He likes to philosophize. Some new points of view on life are alien to him. He is fascinated by the external beautiful appearance of a young lady and wants to fill her with internal beauty as well. For this purpose, he limits a circle of her "communication". Illya can't see even her "favorite", a mature man Tomio.

Homer says to the girl that her behavior is too thoughtless. Her way of life is associated for him with deterioration in the Greek classical culture. He tries to learn from Illya, why she, being such a beautiful young girl, is engaged in such dirty work. At first, she doesn't give an answer. But throughout the musical, a viewer learns about the development of their relations and living position of the woman.
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