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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Back in the Kitchen 
  4. My Own Morning
  5. The Slice 
  6. Farewell, Farewell 
  7. Feet Do Yo' Stuff 
  8. Watch My Dust Watch My Dust Video
  9. Smile, Smile 
  10. Witches' Brew 
  11. Breadline Dance 
  12. Another Day 
  13. I Wanted To Change Him I Wanted To Change Him Video
  14. Being Good Isn't Good Enough
  15. Act 2
  16. Dance Drill 
  17. Limbo Dance 
  18. Talking To Yourself Talking To Yourself Video
  19. Halleluja, Baby! 
  20. Not Mine 
  21. I Don't Know Where She Got It 
  22. Now's The Time 

Hallelujah, Baby! review

Hallelujah, Baby! Review - Broadway musical

Nowadays the question of discrimination doesn't seem for people so sharp. But last century it was a serious problem for black people. However, there were those, who could achieve recognition of others, thanks to their talent, commitment and charm. One of such heroines is Georgia. This is a girl, who is dissatisfied with her situation. And in spite of the fact that the mother tells her to adopt the provision and to be content with what she has, Georgia dreams to become the best. It is an incredibly resistant character. Despite of all difficulties, a girl goes forward. And the actress who played this role faultlessly, could report the character of this girl. Fervent, cheerful – she arouses only positive emotions. The mother of the heroine isn't less dear. Though their relationships with daughter are not completely opened, the viewer understands that both of them are the strong women, going through life with a smile. They are ready to support each other in any hard minute.

But the most intriguing part of a plot is, of course, relationships of Georgia, her boyfriend and her true friend. First, this love triangle is capable to attract the viewer with its versatile male roles. Boyfriend Clem is a black guy, as Georgia. As nobody else, he can understand the girl because he gets under influence of public prejudices. But at the same time, a guy is also a contrast of Georgia as he doesn't see an exit from current situation, unlike Harvey, who is a constant moral support for Georgia. The aspiration to the purpose is the quality of characters that unites them. The idea to show Georgia, her mother and Hervey as "forever young" won't leave the audience indifferent. It symbolizes eternal love to life, despite all failures and internal youth of the soul.

According to some critics, there are political and racial hints in the show. Nevertheless, having watched the performance, viewers will understand that this musical, on the contrary, opens the topic about that all people are equal. This kind of show will be suitable for wide audience. The technical part of the musical is also noteworthy: the scenery design is bright and various. Suits are bright, first of all, because of variety or Georgia’s “roles”. Choreography is also at the top level. Overall, the show deserves all the awards that it has got. The musical is worth watching. This is a history about how it is important not to lose courage and to find happiness in small things. It teaches people to remain unique persons under any conditions and irrespective of race.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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