Hallelujah, Baby! (musical) (lyrics, songs)

The plot of the show was based on the book by Arthur Laurents. The musical was staged on Broadway in 1967 and closed in 1968. In total, the performance was shown for 293 times. B. Shevelove was a director. K. Carlisle was responsible for the choreography. The Eckarts created the scenic design, I. Sharaff – clothes and T. Musser – lighting. They said that the show had a political hint, but the creators always denied it. Actors were the following: A. Case, R. Hooks, L. Uggams & M. Cooper.

The musical made a great success. It was the nominee for nine Tony Awards. The show won five of them. The production was even awarded as the best musical of that year. L. Uggams, who played the main role of Georgina, was recognized as the best musical actress. The second version appeared in New Jersey in 2004. It included new songs, which were written by A. Green. The following year the musical was seen by the audience in Washington.
Release date: 1967
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Hallelujah, Baby! lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture Lyrics
  3. Back in the Kitchen Lyrics   add
  4. My Own Morning Lyrics
  5. The Slice Lyrics   add
  6. Farewell, Farewell Lyrics   add
  7. Feet Do Yo' Stuff Lyrics   add
  8. Watch My Dust Lyrics Watch My Dust Video  add
  9. Smile, Smile Lyrics   add
  10. Witches' Brew Lyrics   add
  11. Breadline Dance Lyrics   add
  12. Another Day Lyrics   add
  13. I Wanted To Change Him Lyrics I Wanted To Change Him Video  add
  14. Being Good Isn't Good Enough Lyrics
  15. Act 2
  16. Dance Drill Lyrics   add
  17. Limbo Dance Lyrics   add
  18. Talking To Yourself Lyrics Talking To Yourself Video  add
  19. Halleluja, Baby! Lyrics   add
  20. Not Mine Lyrics   add
  21. I Don't Know Where She Got It Lyrics   add
  22. Now's The Time Lyrics   add
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