Grind synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture 
  3. This Must Be The Place 
  4. Cadava  
  5. A Sweet Thing Like Me 
  6. I Get Myself Out 
  7. My Daddy Always Taught Me To Share 
  8. All Things To One Man All Things To One Man Video
  9. The Line 
  10. Katie, My Love 
  11. Yes, Ma'am 
  12. The Grind 
  13. Why, Mama, Why? 
  14. This Crazy Place/Act 1 Finale 
  15. Act 2
  16. From The Ankles Down 
  17. Who Is He? 
  18. Never Put It In Writing 
  19. I Talk, You Talk 
  20. Timing 
  21. These Eyes Of Mine 
  22. New Man 
  23. Down 
  24. A Century Of Progress 
  25. Finale 

Grind synopsis

Grind Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story begins in the theater. Not ordinary but a one, working in the style of parody. There are both black and white actors, each of which performs own role in the plot of the show: stripper, former murderer, the actor and the blind guy with own living “puppet”.

Due to the ardent racism, prosperous during the Great Depression in Chicago in 1933, not allowing to share to black and white actors a single stage at the same time, they are forced to hide their close friendship also aside of it, because it is extremely condemned in society, and in addition – is prohibited.

One of the main characters, a black actor Leroy, is in love with a stripper Satin, also an African-American, but he did not dare to reveal her own feelings, making only meager hints, which are, obviously, not enough.

The other two – a comedian fellow Gus and his assistant Doyle. Gus is almost blind person that threatens to him with loss of career and work, and Doyle is Irish, acting as a puppet in performances of Gus. In addition, only Doyle can control the bike, and once, he takes the bike to deliver Satin to a birthday of her younger brother. Unfortunately, vandals, who were supported by the authorities on the issue of discrimination against African Americans, attacked them before the trip. The bike was destroyed, and the characters, not being able to cope with violence, immersed in a burlesque routine.

Soon Gus realizes that his sight is almost completely gone and he can no longer work, falls apart and commits suicide. It becomes a large strike for three friends, and especially for his assistant. He disappears right at the funeral, and attempts to find him were unsuccessful.

In the rush and bustle, Leroy finally finds the courage to confess his feelings to Satin and, receiving a response of reciprocity, assigns her a date, but on the way to the designated meeting place, he meets an Irishman. The latter was drunk and apparently was attacked by hooligans for liaison with the blacks. He takes him to own home, nurses & feeds him, and Irish fellow tells him that he is in fact a former Irish criminal, who accidentally killed his wife and son. Evening passes with this. The evening, during which Leroy wanted to be with his beloved.

When an Irishman with a stripper appear in the theater the next day, the real scandal begins. Outraged lover and rejected feelings… They all try to understand this, to explain what is happening, but they are interrupted: the same thugs that beat up Doyle, burst to them. Nothing makes one forget grudges and unites as much as a struggle against the common enemy.
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