Forever Plaid synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Deus Ex Plaid 
  2. Three Coins in the Fountain
  3. Gotta Be This or That/Undecided Gotta Be This or That/Undecided Video
  4. Moments to Remember
  5. Crazy 'Bout Ya' Baby
  6. No, Not Much
  7. Perfidia Perfidia Video
  8. Cry
  9. Sixteen Tons/Chain Gang Sixteen Tons/Chain Gang Video
  10. Private Functions Private Functions Video
  11. The Golden Cardigan/Catch a Falling Star The Golden Cardigan/Catch a Falling Star Video
  12. Heart and Soul
  13. Carribean Plaid Carribean Plaid Video
  14. Lady of Spain Lady of Spain Video
  15. Scotland the Brave Scotland the Brave Video
  16. Shangri-La/Rags to Riches Shangri-La/Rags to Riches Video
  17. Love is a Many Splendored Thing Love is a Many Splendored Thing Video

Forever Plaid synopsis

Forever Plaid Synopsis - Broadway musical

Stuart Ross – author of this musical in the revue format, which was launched as off–Broadway in 1990 and was subsequently moved to the international arena. The history of the quartet of singing men who change their age, regarding the version of the histrionics, from the very young (20+) to the very elderly (60+). There quite a little libretto’s part, here all the time take songs, which as many as twenty.

The histrionics has mix of various music styles, from simple blues-lyric songs to Caribbean-Mexican motifs (Love Is A Many Splendored Thing & Carribean Plaid). The story slowly develops and says of one of these blues and soft jazz bands, which were popular in 1950 in the English-speaking world. The Plaids (band’s name) died tragically in a car accident when their vehicle crashed into a bus with schoolgirls, while the band headed the concert of the Beatles (the first one in America). Interestingly, the story begins with mentioning about their death, immersing the viewer then in the story about how they return on sinful Earth, to give a few concerts, in pursuit for the realization of their dreams. Their dream was as follows – they wanted to record their first album and to light the road to success and worldwide fame with this.

Some songs from the repertoire of this musical: Undecided, Sixteen Tons, Lady of Spain, Heart and Soul, Moments to Remember, Cry, Perfidia, Shangri-La, Scotland The Brave, among others. The cast was as follows: G. Stroman, J. Graae, D. Engel & S. Chandler. Remember, as in an episode of the series Friends, Chandler and Joey tried to find at least one famous Chandler, when trading for the way Phoebe must name one of her children? Then Chandler could not remember any with this name? So, at the moment, we have two – Stan Chandler, who plays in this musical (and in the film based on it) and Chandler Riggs, who plays in the very successful series of recent years, The Walking Dead (depicting Carl Grimes). We cannot say that they are very well-known personalities, but, at least, Chandler could win in a verbal dispute with Joey, naming these two. What a pity that the first is not too famous at all, and the second has not been born yet that year.
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