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Forever Plaid Lyrics

  1. Deus Ex Plaid   add
  2. Three Coins in the Fountain
  3. Gotta Be This or That/Undecided Gotta Be This or That/Undecided Video  add
  4. Moments to Remember
  5. Crazy 'Bout Ya' Baby
  6. No, Not Much
  7. Perfidia Perfidia Video  add
  8. Cry
  9. Sixteen Tons/Chain Gang Sixteen Tons/Chain Gang Video  add
  10. Private Functions Private Functions Video  add
  11. The Golden Cardigan/Catch a Falling Star The Golden Cardigan/Catch a Falling Star Video  add
  12. Heart and Soul
  13. Carribean Plaid Carribean Plaid Video  add
  14. Lady of Spain Lady of Spain Video  add
  15. Scotland the Brave Scotland the Brave Video  add
  16. Shangri-La/Rags to Riches Shangri-La/Rags to Riches Video  add
  17. Love is a Many Splendored Thing Love is a Many Splendored Thing Video  add

May, 1990 – the opening of this musical in The Wisdom Bridge Theatre by Steve McGraw within the Off-Broadway, under the direction of American Stage Company. J. Raitt performed several works in this production – he was director of music, vocals and arrangements of both music & vocals. S. Ross can surely be regarded as the second founder, as he also performed several roles: the author of the libretto, choreographer and director. D. Snyder played the piano & was director of music as well.

David Hyde Pierce was invited as the fifth main member of the exhibition, where he depicted the narrator.

The musical has not won any awards, however, as part of its team, which made the film, there is a star member – Alan Helm (he has both Oscar & Emmy). Hits of musical, namely Catch A Falling Star & The Golden Cardigan, are missing in the motion picture, as they were replaced by other works.

Subsequent resurrection of this musical was performed in Halifax (with a title Plaid Tidings), lightweight story, with less compelling lyrics and songs. Music Theatre International is the company that distributes the rights to this version. There is also a version of the musical for educational facilities: The Sound of Plaid, which was created by the same company. Forever Plaid 20th Anniversary was logically released nearly after 20 years from the start – in 2008, when the film came out, the musical has been 18-years-old since 1990. We can say that this is not a film, but simply a specific video of resurrection of off-Broadway's spectacle, directed by Stuart Ross. There is no data on the box office of the film there because it was produced exclusively for television, in Los Angeles, not having in mind to roll it on the big screens. Duration – half an hour.

The musical was played by such actors: R. Gosch, S. Chandler, J. A. Worley, D. Engel, T. Bingham, L. Raben, D. H. Pierce, D. Reichard.
Release date: 1990
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