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Time to Go Lyrics » Floyd Collins

Time to Go Lyrics

Time to git to work,
git to work.
Comin' back with Homer and all the others;
Git a cavin' banker
to front us the money.
Hey, hey!
Move the rocks,
an' make some trails,
an' smooth the floors,
build the stairs.
An' set up some big signs out on the road!
There's a ticket office,
an' a curio shop,
an' refreshment stand
open seven days a week!

Oh (oh)
Oh ee yo (Oh ee yo)
N-da-n da ee ah dodle oh
(N-da-n da ee ah dodle oh)
Na ya do-ee-a-da do-dle oh
(Na ya do-ee-a-da do-dle oh)
N-da-n da-n-da-n dee-ah ee ah oh
(N-da-n da-n-da-n dee-ah ee ah oh)
Oo (Oo)

[Thanks to Jaycee for lyrics]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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