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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue/Unafraid Prologue/Unafraid Video
  3. All I Need (Is One Good Break) All I Need (Is One Good Break) Video
  4. Not Every Day of the Week Not Every Day of the Week Video
  5. Sign Here Sign Here Video
  6. The Flame The Flame Video
  7. Palomino Pal 
  8. A Quiet Thing
  9. Hello, Waves 
  10. Dear Love Dear Love Video
  11. Act 2
  12. Express Yourself Express Yourself Video
  13. Knock Knock 
  14. Comrade Charlotte's Ballet (The Tree of Life) 
  15. Sing Happy
  16. You Are You You Are You Video
  17. Finale  

Flora The Red Menace synopsis

Flora The Red Menace Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical tells the story of change in the life of a simple girl-artist who changes her views after the acquisition of knowledge about communism.

Flora Mezaros lost her job during the Great Depression, and now is looking for at least any job that would bring her minimum USD 15 per week. She was lucky to find one with a salary twice as much – in one large supermarket. There, she meets a young man named Harry Toukarian, which is a bright communist (isn’t it wondering, why he has not been fired yet?) and eventually drew Flora in his views. They spend much time together, and therefore fall in love, but Flora features rival Charlotte, who also loves Harry, and wants him to be enlisted only for her. Charlotte is also a bright communist.

Flora is forced to hide this change of political orientation, because her employer does not share those rebellious views & not welcomes the establishment of some leftist political organizations on the workplace. After a while, Flora had to adopt a decision – she stays either with Harry, or on a job that she desperately needs, as the circumstances converge at a point where such a choice is inevitable. Until that time she was somehow able to combine both things.
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