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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue/Unafraid Prologue/Unafraid Video
  3. All I Need (Is One Good Break) All I Need (Is One Good Break) Video
  4. Not Every Day of the Week Not Every Day of the Week Video
  5. Sign Here Sign Here Video
  6. The Flame The Flame Video
  7. Palomino Pal 
  8. A Quiet Thing
  9. Hello, Waves 
  10. Dear Love Dear Love Video
  11. Act 2
  12. Express Yourself Express Yourself Video
  13. Knock Knock 
  14. Comrade Charlotte's Ballet (The Tree of Life) 
  15. Sing Happy
  16. You Are You You Are You Video
  17. Finale  

Flora The Red Menace review

Flora The Red Menace Review - Broadway musical

Despite the fact that Liza Minnelli won in 1965 a record Tony award (as the youngest actress or actor, who received this on Broadway in 19 years), the musical was closed pretty soon. Critics among other reasons mentioned such impression that this play was not very organically composed together from pieces, resulting in a complete picture could not be caught at all, and everything else was playing without the necessary spark. But the work of miss Minnelli was praised even than and critics had no doubts that she would become a great singer in the future, which had happened.

One of the most productive people of our time, George Abbott, wrote the libretto for the musical in collaboration with R. Russell. J. Kander released music, F. Ebb worked on lyrics. Interestingly, this work has been a debut for Liza Minnelli, but still she received this most prestigious award. Ebb & Kander later made such big hits as Chicago together (later also phenomenally successful filmed), and Cabaret, where the star was the same Minnelli (and the song from which, New York, New York, was popularized by Frank Sinatra, who first heard it in this musical & he wildly loved how it was sung by Liza). As next two musicals by mentioned authors, this work also was different with such main features: a strong female leading personality and a lot of political content.

What could not please the public of Broadway – the set of unusual, alien to USA red communism ideology (also reflected in the title of the musical). Foreign always causes down and rejection. At least, the audience, and even readers often vote against even very good works, if they contain communism. For example, socialism – "pure" capitalist version of kooky communistic doctrine is thriving in many advanced countries, Sweden, for example. But in the wake of crisis of the early 1930s, it was oh so much not profitable to be the bearer of such views, the same as in any other time.

Perhaps the creators took into account their past mistakes and in the same Chicago they made clean politics, fully in motion vector of views of theatergoers from Broadway. So Chicago musical lasted as long as it is generally thinkable for a musical (began in 1976, it is still on the run, so far toured in the overwhelming majority of countries of the world and giving almost 7500 performances only on Broadway).

In general, you cannot blame any of its producers for the fact that this musical "did not go". Because the actors were chosen wisely, the libretto and the music were written with wit, and the voices were very deep and professional. On the other hand, there was no entourage that would actually dip us in those years. There were such flaws: the bricks in the walls looked new-minted, all the actors were dressed "brand-new", the abode of the main actress was bohemian and jobs were falling on her just on their own, from the sky, without leaving her any need nor space for internal development.
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