Face the Music synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Overture 
  2. Lunching at the Automat 
  3. Let's Have Another Cup O' Coffee
  4. Two Cheers Instead of Three
  5. The Police of New York 
  6. Reisman's Doing a Show 
  7. Torch Song 
  8. You Must Be Born With It 
  9. Castles In Spain (On A Roof in Manhattan) 
  10. Crinoline Days
  11. My Beautiful Rhinestone Girl 
  12. Soft Lights and Sweet Music
  13. If You Believe
  14. Well, of All the Rotten Shows 
  15. I Say Spinach (And the Hell With It)
  16. How Can I Change My Luck?
  17. A Toast to Prohibition 
  18. I Don't Wanna Be Married (I Just Wanna Be Friends)
  19. Manhattan Madness
  20. The Investigation 

Face the Music synopsis

Face the Music Synopsis - Broadway musical

A musical is about how during the Great Depression one impoverished producer raises money for the production of his new musical. Times are hard, because he does this job at a very difficult year of 1932, when in the past rich producers now eat their burgers in a diner around the corner. A pair of former star of the musical, which is now not in the business and her husband, the director of the theater, drink coffee for a couple of cents, exhibiting their poverty. During the search, the producer encounters a corrupt policeman who, along with his wife does not know how to properly dispose the money acquired by illegal activities. They don’t want to simply throw them away because it is meaningless, but look for something to invest to lose them before an audit will come to them and will find out that they have this amount. And, luckily for them, they meet this producer and hope that their investment would be a zilch.

As a result, when musical was produced, regulatory authorities know about unfair origin of funds for the one, they come across with the charges. After the show received an unexpected publicity in the newspapers, from a complete outsider, it turned into a profitable business, as its halls were full of visitors.
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