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Album lyrics:
  1. Overture 
  2. Lunching at the Automat 
  3. Let's Have Another Cup O' Coffee
  4. Two Cheers Instead of Three
  5. The Police of New York 
  6. Reisman's Doing a Show 
  7. Torch Song 
  8. You Must Be Born With It 
  9. Castles In Spain (On A Roof in Manhattan) 
  10. Crinoline Days
  11. My Beautiful Rhinestone Girl 
  12. Soft Lights and Sweet Music
  13. If You Believe
  14. Well, of All the Rotten Shows 
  15. I Say Spinach (And the Hell With It)
  16. How Can I Change My Luck?
  17. A Toast to Prohibition 
  18. I Don't Wanna Be Married (I Just Wanna Be Friends)
  19. Manhattan Madness
  20. The Investigation 

Face the Music review

Face the Music Review - Broadway musical

The musical was written as a satire on politics, artificially inflated, and then collapsed economy (where from trying to earn anything and to survive, there were even such proposals as watching 4 movies in a row in a comfortable room with a toilet only for 10 cents). In addition, there is ridicule of the show business, which is highly unstable, like the rest of our life, does not produce anything and quickly falls off, and its participants – actors and producers – yesterday shone on the catwalk, now forced to languish for some measly cents unable to find a job. Among other things, it had enough space for the most high-profile event of that time – the Great Depression, from the thought of which business sharks all over the world still shudder.

Critics spoke highly of the quality of the musical, saying that its lyrics were "delicious and sharp-tongued", music was "in the spirit of the time, clearly recreated the mood, hovering in the air", the songs were "smart and full of the biting satire for which we do go on musicals".

This histrionics is a mixture of operetta, musical and burlesque show in which the main goal – to give the public exactly what all visit Broadway for – colorful costumes and good choreography, exciting story, empathy to protagonists and, above all, a good mood, without which every show turns into a big puff.

Some observers, however, noted some kind of artificiality as deus ex machina was added to the story in order to create the necessary happy ending, which was so requested by the public, especially in 1932. Later, however, this technique for a very few people seemed unnatural, because population of 1990s and so on have very accustomed to the strange turns of events and do not see ex machina even directly in front of them.

A distinctive feature of not only this musical, but also a whole period of early Hollywood is really a very beautiful singing. The leading female voice is incredibly alluring, shimmering with multiple colors. It is felt that the rehearsals took longer than streaming works of present times.
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