Ernest in Love synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Come Raise Your Cup 
  3. How Do You Find The Words? 
  4. The Hat 
  5. Mr. Bunbury 
  6. Perfection 
  7. A Handbag Is Not A Proper Mother 
  8. Wicked Man 
  9. Metaphorically Speaking 
  10. Act 2
  11. You Can't Make Love 
  12. Lost 
  13. My Very First Impression 
  14. The Muffin Song 
  15. My Eternal Devotion 
  16. Ernest In Love 

Ernest in Love synopsis

Ernest in Love Synopsis - Broadway musical

Events occur in a bored high society of London of the Victorian era. The main characters are: Ernest, who lives in the same city under this secular name, is a reveler and in the other city, he lives under the simple name Jack, who also a hellbender, but differs from the first. Ernest believes that Jack is this is his real name, and the main ego, and Ernest is this alter ego. He has a girlfriend of very great beauty, which he describes to his friend. The second, in turn, also leads a double life, telling everyone that he has gravely ill brother, who lives across the country. Being tired of the society, having his fictional brother, covered by him, he goes having fun in some different location, for rest and for privacy. He listens to the stories of his friend about the lovely girl and once arrived at his home, although Ernest has reserved her for himself and wildly jealous his friend to her. But forced to play by his rules after his arrival, because latter threatens to tell everyone that Ernest actually leads a double life, which, of course, Ernest does not want to disclose.

Ernest, as it turns out, is the adopted son – his parents adopted him, found in a wheelchair at the stadium, where he was picked up, and raised him. Strict mother of his girl, whom he dates, doesn’t want him to married her daughter, because he is, in hers opinion, is adoptee & so he does not have any rights. His friend Algernon is very different, with which everyone is familiar after his arrival – he is considered a true gentleman. And since he did not come alone, but in the company of his mother, latter spots foster mother of Ernest, because she saw her in the day when she left the carriage with a small child in the stadium. And so it appears that these two – not just friends, but also brothers. Ernest, as it turns out, has the blood of secular society and the mother of his girl grants consent to their marriage.
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