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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Come Raise Your Cup 
  3. How Do You Find The Words? 
  4. The Hat 
  5. Mr. Bunbury 
  6. Perfection 
  7. A Handbag Is Not A Proper Mother 
  8. Wicked Man 
  9. Metaphorically Speaking 
  10. Act 2
  11. You Can't Make Love 
  12. Lost 
  13. My Very First Impression 
  14. The Muffin Song 
  15. My Eternal Devotion 
  16. Ernest In Love 

Ernest in Love review

Ernest in Love Review - Broadway musical

Sweet and kind story that thanks to the renaming of own name, it is possible to receive some bonuses. For example, romantic love, around which revolves the story here. Or of another fact, of the adoption of one of the already adults characters. Which do not given with the agreement on marriage because they think his origins are of mud blood. In general, the snobbery of future mother-in-law is high already before the wedding, but the man is still not thinking about abandoning marriage because in the future she just will not give him life, but still wants to marry her daughter. We have known the same persons in the real life – full of bile, single, with a shattered family, wanting only to destroy a life of her daughter and so she remained single until her old age, or until a mother dies. Scary people! They don’t want a nice & good life to anyone, first of all, to own daughter, and find a relief only in constant communication by phone. However, in this play, there were no phones invented so far, but after all, the essence remains the same. So, we have here two couples – friends-men and women who want to marry them, then not, and then again want to. Classic teeter-totter story, which in modern films and productions takes one or more couples, maybe even elderly, only changing the situation and circumstances.

Such stale and hardened musicals are adored by most critics, the vast majority of whom – themselves in the musty and hidebound age when they are freshly retired or did so 20 years ago. So their only consolation is watching musicals based on more than a hundred years-old-plot to admire dresses, elegance and charm of ones. Of course, here are plenty of them. History played droll & deft, libretto bursting with life and everything you need to know about this production – there are charming costumes, cute acting and absolutely nothing is happening except verbal constructions. In general, not very memorable musical, which is made for the simple delight of your evening.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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