Do I Hear A Waltz? synopsis

Do I Hear A Waltz? Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story of how a young visitor from the United States arrived in Venice, where she met with one of the local owners of the antique boutique, and they fell in love.

Leona, who works as a secretary in NY, arrives at the average duration of a vacation in Venice and settled in one of the boutique hotels, which by this time is visited by two other couples – young and old. The first pair came to rest as independent travelers, and the second consists of package tourists who come for sightseeing. Leona walks the streets, exploring the sights and stumbles upon the gift shop, which also sells antiques. Intrigued by a glass cup, she comes to see it closer and at this moment, she is acquainted with the owner of this store, which says that the cup is a real relict treasure of the 18th century. She buys it and they agree to meet later this afternoon.

Planned a meeting, Leona expects it when comes the young son of the owner of the shop and says her that he is gonna be delayed a little because one of his sons became ill and he needs to drive him into the hospital. Confused by the fact that he has children and he obviously is married, Leona does not want to meet him, but his son explains her that his father having quite a complicated relationship with his mother – they live apart for a long time and they are united only with the fact of having incommon children to take care of them. And also because according to the laws of their country, divorce is forbidden. She agrees to the meeting, at which he arrives with a large garnet necklace, which leads her into raptures. Then she overhears her boyfriend with his son, who said that the jeweler had already require a payment for the necklace. She readily agrees to give money to him so that he pass to jeweler, because he had a difficult time with the money, as he said. Then she discovers that admirer had a commission for the sale of necklace and realizes that she has been cheated and he only needed her money. She has a conversation with him and he admits that because of her complex view on life, they cannot be together and decided to separate as friends.
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