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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue/Get Ready, Eddie 
  3. The Greatest Gift
  4. Little Fat Girls Little Fat Girls Video
  5. It's the Nuns It's the Nuns Video
  6. Cookie Cutters 
  7. Queen of the May
  8. Patron Saints 
  9. Private Parts
  10. How Far Is Too Far? How Far Is Too Far? Video
  11. Act 2
  12. Entr'acte 
  13. Doo-Waa, Doo-Wee Doo-Waa, Doo-Wee Video
  14. I Must Be in Love
  15. Friends, The Best Of 
  16. Greatest Gift (Reprise)
  17. Mad Bomber/We're Saving Ourselves for Marriage
  18. Late Bloomer & Prom Montage Late Bloomer & Prom Montage Video
  19. Friends, The Best Of (Reprise)
  20. Thank God

Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? review

Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? Review - Broadway musical

This musical is admired by all critics, not because it is just so delicious, but because it raised the theme of Catholicism, about which Catholics cannot speak bad, including theater critics of whom they are most. Therefore, if you are the future director of a musical, and reading this note right now, then here's a sure recipe. Take a lot of young people in the age of adolescents, endow them with natural curiosity, openness and a sense of humor, place there a love story that develops at first good, but then fails to one or both of the characters. And then salt and pepper it on top with the artificial constraints posed by the same people according to their religion, beliefs or personal convictions or anything else – any restriction that people like to create for themselves. Add vast jokes with density as in the Alf serial movie – and you will get a hit, which will last on stage for more than 4 years as this musical did in Chicago.

Of course, we are also pleased that this work has been released. It teaches many things, and does it with the humor, which is often lacking in school and college education. It is proved by specialists in psychiatry that the process of assimilation of knowledge with humor goes a lot faster. One of these mechanisms lies in the fact that people laugh when they feel comfortable. Even on the contrary – laughter relaxes and increases the feeling of security in general. And when you feel yourself protected, new knowledge is absorbed best. The audience was arranged to watch this material favorably, largely due to a very pleasant atmosphere, which was created by every representation of this musical. It even set a local record – stayed on the stages of Chicago longer than any other musical did in this city.

The most amusing parts of one are a song with a priest, called Private Parts and Thank God, where comedic talent outweighed everything else.

It is worth noting that one of the actresses was also the director of choreography. As a newcomer to directing the choreography for a whole musical, she coped with the task so brilliantly, as if she was a professional with long experience. All dancing looked relaxed, very smooth, as if the show's producers did not hire actors but professional dancers who in addition had a remarkable sense of humor. If you are still in doubt, where to go in the evening in Chicago, select a theater where this show goes – you’ll not regret it, because a charge of a good mood will be enough for you for a week, no less.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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