Class Act, A review

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Album lyrics:
  1. ACT 1
  2. Light on My Feet Light on My Feet Video
  3. The Fountain in the Garden 
  4. One More Beautiful Song One More Beautiful Song Video
  5. Fridays at Four 
  6. Bobby's Son 
  7. Charm Song 
  8. Paris Through The Window Paris Through The Window Video
  9. Mona Mona Video
  10. Under Separate Cover Under Separate Cover Video
  11. Don't Do It Again 
  12. Gauguin's Shoes Gauguin's Shoes Video
  13. Don't Do It Again (Reprise) Don't Do It Again (Reprise) Video
  14. Follow Your Star Follow Your Star Video
  15. The next best thing to love
  16. ACT 2
  17. Better  Better  Video
  18. Scintillating Sophie Scintillating Sophie Video
  19. The Next Best Thing To Love The Next Best Thing To Love Video
  20. Broadway Boogie Woogie Broadway Boogie Woogie Video
  21. Better (Reprise) Better (Reprise) Video
  22. I Choose You 
  23. The Nightmare The Nightmare Video
  24. Say Something Funny 
  25. When the Dawn Breaks When the Dawn Breaks Video
  26. Self Portrait Self Portrait Video

Class Act, A review

Class Act, A Review - Broadway musical

Critics have reacted very sensitive, giving their assessments of this musical. Yet, praising it, to some extent, they evaluated the life and work of their colleague, Edward Kleban, after whose life was this musical produced. It is unlikely that any of critics will do at least one bad review about this, when "one hand washes another" and "raven crow will not peck another". Why do we say so? Because each person, and critics especially, dreams of that there was musical following his life and work posthumously created, so everyone would love & appreciate him or her with all these enthusiastic fans around – parts of natural process of fame and glory. What they do not want – to leave bad reviews so there were no complaints on them, especially among fans of the environment of Edward Kleban, not to leave badness after critic’s life, in order to not become unworthy of respect. After leaving a bad crit, against such critic can manifestations gather & his work may be subsequently boycotted. That's the logic.

Therefore, they do sugary comments, deaf and filled with empty words, which express the overall positive thoughts. For example, they say that this musical is full of buzzwords, great music, magnificent and elegant dance, acting of 8 actors who deserve a standing ovation. The striking difference between "real" reviews & reviews "from necessity" lies in it. Where in the actual review, any critic, even the most mediocre, will practice in the derivation and talkativeness, sophisticatedly clothing their dim ideas in bright tinsel of synonymous wrappers, putting belching of own brain activity as an incredibly wit revelation that everyone should read agape. Here, on the contrary – all comments are clear, dispassionate, abound in simple words. What does it mean? That all knockers envy the fact that after the life of their colleague, musical was done. They were willing to die so that after their lives people did the same, but as they still here, they write something like ‘magnificent play blah-blah’.

But as ordinary viewers are alien of all this secret equilibristic, they come only having the desire to amuse themselves in a cold evening, so this musical did not last more than 100+ shows and has been closed due to decline of popularity. Yes, it's a story about a man. Outstanding one. But what is the fundamental difference of this musical from hundreds of others? It is just an average. For example, we liked more Best Little Whorehouse In Texas. Not because of the name or the content, but because it was simply bright. Do you want more vivid musical? Take Chicago, whether on stage or as a Hollywood movie starring Richard Gere. If you want a bright show, watch The Lion King. If you want drama and thriller, visit The Phantom Of The Opera. Want something cute and fluffy? Cats would be the best answer. To say that this musical arbitrarily exceeds at least one of these in any way, would be a great deception.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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