Carousel synopsis

Carousel synopsis

Carousel Synopsis - Broadway musical

Two young women, workers of the mill, back in 1873 come after work at local fair, to relax and to have fun. One of them, Julie, meets barker Billy on the carousel and they have a mutual admiration. Her friend, Carrie, betrothed to a wealthy fisherman Mr. Snow (When I Marry Mister Snow). Billy hugs Julie, as she rolls on the carousel, and the old hag, the owner of the entertainment, seeing the inappropriate, at her opinion, behavior of Julie, said she would never come back to this roundabout. She did not agree and Billy intercedes for Julie, immediately dismissed from job for having contradicted to a boss. The headmistress informs the employer of Julie about her behavior on the carousel, and after a while he is at the fair, accompanied by a police officer to escort her home. She refuses and he immediately fires her, not wanting to deal with wayward brawler.

A few months later, Julie and Billie got married, but Billie isn’t work on a permanent basis and all the time spends in the taverns with his fellow slackers. Julie confesses to her friend that her Billie even once hit her because he had a wave of the self-pity because he cannot find work. Her friend, contrary, feels well, because her husband plan to become rich and to have a huge family.

Jigger, which is scampish friend of Billie, tempts Billie so he went with him to the criminal case – robbery. Billy refuses because people may die during this. But when his wife tells him that she is pregnant, he soberly aware of the need of financial support of family and agrees to the proposal of Jigger. When they are on the case, it appears that the victim has no money at all and points at them with a gun. Jigger manages to escape, while Billie is on sight and in order not to be shot, stabs himself with a knife, which he took to crime. It comes his wife, who has time to tell him a few farewell words.

Billy faces after his death with Supreme Judge, who says that he cannot go to heaven because there are not enough good things in his life for that. But if he will go back and will help his daughter in life, which is now 15 years old, he can go to heaven. He returned to the earth and whispered to his daughter as an inner voice, that she should not be persecuted because of the past of his father. And she should not be an outcast because of past prejudices. She is free to choose the future, whatever it is. And his daughter feels these changes inside and understand them. And so Billie deservedly goes to heaven.
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