Carousel review

Carousel review

Carousel Review - Broadway musical

From the original production, the past ones, at least the ones that were set during the 1992–2008, are distinguished by the presence of information about growing of one of the main characters – Billy. It is told how he raised up and became a greeter at the local fair (Carousel). It is mentioned that he was a sullen boy who was closed from inside. He had accomplished nothing in his life, because he is of that breed of sluggards who aspire to nothing. Especially to nothing good. And who can provide his family with money only under the lash of his wife shouted at him, and as a result of acute feeling of kick in the buttocks, and after the view of shaggy ragged wife and hungry children. Overall, an unpleasant person. Reeling with his friends, paying more attention to them than to the family, having no job, is engaged in alcohol and fast life, and goes on a crime (robbery), as an attempt to provide earnings for his family, because he couldn’t cannot find an honest-paid work. Renegade of the society, if in a few words.

The world at the end of the pre-previous century was quite severe. For example, a girl decided to take a nice time at the fair, to flirt with somebody, but her behavior has become an object of gossips, police was summoned, and she got fired. Simply horribly. Imagine yourself – you went for a walk in the evening, or a ride on the carousel, or go to the movie – and then bam – and you're fired, your employer and the police wanted to escort you home, so you sat there and did not protrude. Madness? You bet! But in the 1890s, for some reason, this was considered normal.

Meanwhile, the main events of the play are two most important factors that are universally timeless. First is domestic violence. Billie cannot enjoy the feeling of being a full-fledged man, because he doesn’t work, his life is not worth anything, and he is sloven and a drunkard. And therefore, haven’t succeeded on the Maslow’s pyramid (located at the very bottom of it), he assures himself at the expense of the weak – beating his wife, which is also pregnant. A typical example of a man who cannot create, but only destroys, splashing out his anger on those who are close. Small homunculus and, in short, a complete bastard. Second is a crime and the penalty incurred. The same age-old theme of the fact that any of our choices lead to some consequences. For example, the choice to go on the offense – to rob a rich man of the village. Which instead points at you with a powerful shotgun, and you know that now you will feel very bad. Because at the laws of self-defense people that time looked through very tightly-clenched fingers considering the killing of a thief a good thing. What to say, if until 1960 black population was not considered for people by whites. So what to say about the thief, who had come to you with a knife?! Attempt of murder and robbery – in such circumstances a death on the spot was the logical conclusion of catching him. Nobody would have thought to judge you for what you did to protect your property and yourself. They would just pat you on the shoulder and say: "Well done!", while the robber’s dead body would serve as food for crows on your empty space on the back yard, as a warning to others.

In short, the immersion in 1890s turned out very vivid and believable.
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