Big River synopsis

Big River synopsis

Big River Synopsis - Broadway musical

This is another musical about Huckleberry Finn & Tom Sawyer. It describes a different story than in the musical named The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, where they were still children, and just met. Here they have significantly grown and made a gang together.

Times of pre-Civil War, the St. Petersburg town, Douglas widow has adopted Huck. Since all in the town are believers, so he is strongly recommended to study the Bible. Angered that everyone try to teach him how to live, Huck runs away to his cave, where he & Tom, and the company of their friends, the same daredevils, create together a gang of robbers, as they presume.

Someday Huck returns home in the dark and catches Pap (his dad), a local drunkard who was quite completely lush boozer and from his alcohol has hallucinogenic deliriums in which was trying to kill Huck, but knocks off. Huck escapes, feigning his own death. In the new place, where he had fled, he stumbles upon a runaway slave Jim, and together they found the raft on the river Mississippi and escape from abandoned past lives. They go besides the mouth of the Ohio, and this means their freedom. Along the way, they pick up the two prisoners, who are represented as monarchs and secretly from Huck decide to sell Jim into slavery. Some time later, the prisoners are revealed as simple scams. In one of the towns on the way, they deceive the local population for the sake of profit. Huck then plays a bad joke with Jim, as if there are slave hunters close and when latter learns about profanity, becomes scary mad at Huck. Last, nevertheless apologizes after some time, because Jim, though a slave, but above all, a person.

The two scoundrels get the knowledge that some family around here has a great heritage and lure it with cunning, presenting themselves as distant relatives. Huck could not stand aside this deception (mostly because he liked the pretty heiress that wept bitterly at the coffin of her father, who left a legacy), and steals money from cheaters, returning them to the girl. She asks him to stay with her, but he could not leave Jim. Going back to the raft, he discovers that Jim was sold back into slavery for $ 40 and decided to release him.

He goes to the new owners of Jim and discovers that his mistakenly taken as Tom Sawyer, which must soon visit them. He intercepts Tom on the way, telling him everything and they decide to release Jim. In the process, when Jim had already been released from the cell, Tom was shot in the leg and Jim promises that if the doctor arrives here, he agrees to become a slave again. Tom says that Jim is no longer a slave, because his past mistress in his will released him before her death.

Jim decides that he will float on the river to buy his family out of slavery. Huck, remembering, through what adventures they went through, decides to sail with him further, towards new adventures.
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