Big River review

Big River review

Big River Review - Broadway musical

First of all, it is worth noting a large scale of the show on Broadway on such parameters as: costumes, stage design (especially moving platforms that depicted rafts are noteworthy), as well as stage props such as guns. Actors sing with great feelings – much-worthy a song of slaves, driven back into slavery on the raft, The Crossing. Its female vocals deserve special attention – they just dig inside of the soul.

The classic story of Mark Twain experienced hundreds of adaptations and productions of all levels – both amateur and professional ones. This musical grew more than one, rather, 3-4 generations of people who are fans of all good – both of what made Mark Twain, and what this performance represents.

First of all, there is the spirit stands out, enclosed in a rebellious look at things of the protagonist – Huckleberry Finn, even whose very name symbolizes the inconspicuous, but very delicious berry that grows where the wind will bring its embryos. Capricious plant, as well as a very self-willed and free-spirited character of Huck. He's like a tumbleweed or, if you prefer better, a rolling stone – after the wind, adventures, ahead in obscurity, even if it is dangerous to life or health. The spirit of romanticism vehemently dimmed in adults who are crushed with commonplace – work, caring their households, earning money and worrying of the sour milk in a saucer of the pregnant cat. That is, when you fully grasped with the quagmire of "stability", which gives you a penny in your pocket, but flatly denies that rollicking mood of vagrancy, researchers, adventure, romantics of the road, the ringing wind in the ears and fullness of boominess of night space filled with crickets. Or with water noise of the river, along which travels a couple of main characters – Huck and the runaway slave Jim.

Huckleberry cannot imagine himself sitting in one place, doing incomprehensibly boring things of every day’s life, when you need to do the same things day by day, until the complete dullness and inevitable moment when you will be embanked with the wet earth. Isn’t it interesting to start dancing in the evening with the falling sun on the top of the mountain, knowing that your lungs are filled with rarefied air, and your mind is pride of the ascent? Isn’t it exciting to miss your plane with no money in your pocket when you have to fly one-third of the globe’s surface? Exactly such adventures you will remember for many years after their achievement. But not how you eat fried potatoes in 20 minutes after you fried it. But if you do it in the campfire, impaling a piece of bacon for roasting on a stick, and night stars will serve you as the blanket, and in the morning you will suddenly meet a snake face to face – it will be a huge adventure! That is the character of Huckleberry. He personifies something many of us are unable of. Live fast, die young. He is just like a rock star! Only without the guitar.
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