Bernarda Alba review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Prologue Prologue Video
  2. The Funeral 
  3. On the Day that I Marry/Bernarda's Prayer On the Day that I Marry/Bernarda's Prayer Video
  4. Love, Let Me Sing You 
  5. Let Me Go To The Sea/Magdalena Let Me Go To The Sea/Magdalena Video
  6. Angustias/Amelia/Martirio Angustias/Amelia/Martirio Video
  7. Adela Adela Video
  8. I Will Dream of What I Saw 
  9. Poncia/Limbrada's Daughter Poncia/Limbrada's Daughter Video
  10. One Moorish Girl/The Smallest Stream One Moorish Girl/The Smallest Stream Video
  11. The Mare and the Stallion 
  12. Lullaby/Open the Door Lullaby/Open the Door Video
  13. Finale Finale Video

Bernarda Alba review

Bernarda Alba Review - Broadway musical

Michael John LaChiusa is the composer, who wrote the lyrics to this play, which reflects a certain frivolously adaptation of Victor Hugo, who wrote something similar in his works. Nevertheless, the writer is actually a Hispanic Federico García Lorca, who wrote something grim and dark that even played in the respective colors on the scene. All dressed always in black, lighting is very similar to single light bulbs in the cellar, and the mood of the heroines – that's right, heroines, because there are no heroes – very sad and tensed at the same time.

On stage, in the absence of men, a very high degree of intensity depicted. Men are constantly mentioned, but the girls – daughters of insanely strict mother – are not allowed to have affairs as long as they all have for insanely long 8 years wear mourning after the dead husband of their mother. Despite the ban, they begin to contradict and argue with and the viewer learns even that one of them is going to get married – and her fiancé – what a prick – apparently does so only for the money, while inciting on another, the youngest, daughter, which is exactly 2 times younger than the eldest sister.

In general, this is some kind of homemade terror, when young women, having no access to the male body, sight and touch, are starting to go crazy. And everything ends with a huge negative pressure, when one of them – the youngest – in a fit of unrealized feelings, hangs herself.

Dances that are implemented on the stage, is expressive in the Latin American style, but monotonous – the same rhythm goes with all the same lack of development along the way.
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