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Be More Chill synopsis

Hearing voices is never a good thing, unless the voices are coming from your squip. No, not script --- squip. Google "squip" and you'll come up with a boring kill-the-space-aliens game and some information about a supercomputer the size of an aspirin, currently illegal to use. Swallow the computer and become cool. Get all the girls, or guys. Dress sharp. Learn to flirt and drive, and generally be more chill.

Last Update:February, 11th 2018

Be More Chill Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Jeremy’s Theme Lyrics
  3. More Than Survive Lyrics
  4. I Love Play Rehearsal Lyrics
  5. The Squip Song Lyrics
  6. Two-Player Game Lyrics
  7. The Squip Enters Lyrics
  8. Be More Chill PT. 1 Lyrics
  9. Do You Wanna Ride? Lyrics
  10. Be More Chill PT. 2 Lyrics
  11. More Than Survive (Reprise) Lyrics
  12. A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into Lyrics
  13. The Squip Lurks Lyrics
  14. Upgrade Lyrics
  15. Act 2
  16. Halloween Lyrics
  17. Do You Wanna Hang? Lyrics
  18. Michael in the Bathroom Lyrics
  19. The Smartphone Hour Lyrics
  20. The Pitiful Children Lyrics
  21. The Pants Song Lyrics
  22. The Play Lyrics
  23. Voices in My Head Lyrics

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