Anna Karenina review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Journey to Moscow 
  3. There's More to Life Than Love 
  4. How Awful 
  5. Would You? 
  6. In a Room 
  7. Mazurka 
  8. Nothing Has Changed Nothing Has Changed Video
  9. Rumors 
  10. How Many Men? 
  11. We Were Dancing (Waltz) 
  12. I'm Lost I'm Lost Video
  13. Karenin's List 
  14. Waiting for You 
  15. Act 1
  16. This Can't Go On 
  17. Rumors 
  18. That Will Serve Her Right 
  19. Everything's Fine 
  20. Would You? (Reprise) 
  21. Everything's Fine (Reprise) 
  22. Only at Night 
  23. Finale Finale Video

Anna Karenina review

Anna Karenina Review - Broadway musical

Of course, this is entirely the Broadway version of creation "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy. The fact that such a musical was nomination with 4 Tony Awards says that in 1993 (the year on which the nominations for 1992 were determined), there was not a lot to choose from. Obviously, there was a mass of circumstances that have not allowed this production to last more than meager 46 plays. Dan Levine in 2003 recorded a CD with songs from this musical (which were sung by a completely different actors), and it seemed logical to the fact that after 15 years, the record of an album is needed. Original music played by an orchestra of only 7 people (it is not clear why such a large-scale production were played on a horribly tiny scene of Theatre named Circle In The Square), but for the record in 2003 the whole music was re-written for a large orchestra. Despite the redo, the music still does not sound clearly more ambitious than it sounded in the original orchestra pit in a small volume. Pity.

According to Kerry Butler, depicting Kitty in musical on stage, its main problem that it was too fragmented, plain, linear and deprived of unpredictability to convey reliably the spirit of Tolstoy's story. Initially, more than several hundred pages of the work were placed into something that did not even played two hours of duration. While the costumes were very colorful and dresses are three-dimensional, they did not reflect the fashion trends of that time, which portrayed on stage. The costume guy clearly did not consider it necessary to examine the geographic era and did something in style of Colonial America, but not in the style of the world of Kingdom of the Russian Empire of 18th century.

The drama is in the frame on stage, but the drama itself does not even smell, as the actors did not try to play it convincingly via words nor their songs. All played without heart. First of all, the actors themselves are not convincing. Songs of mixed styles (for example, when Vronsky sang We Were Dancing, it turned waltz, though it had to be mazurka). This version of the play is not accurate, even in the most dramatic moments, such as the death of the staff at the train station (emotions on the stage were made so untrue so people sitting in the hall were asking: "That's it?"). Staging may appeal only to those who are passionate about all Broadway things and precise transmission of information, not stick to emotional pitches.
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