American in Paris, An synopsis

American in Paris, An Synopsis - Broadway musical

Military soldier named Jerry Mulligan decides not to go home after the WWII and to stay in Paris to try to start a new life (no one and nothing waits for him at home, in US). Always have been feeling rushes to the painting in his soul, he decides to take this area seriously, putting his pictures for a general view on the streets (and living thanks to the proceeds from their sale). In the arrangement of a new life he is helped by Adam Hochberg (composer and the man who finds a kindred spirit in Jerry, and he is also a veteran of the war) and by fairly wealthy man named Henri Baurel – the son of entrepreneurs from France who haven’t went in their footsteps, but wants to realize himself as a dancer and singer. Together they converge in a global idea that the post-war future’s world should be a better place than the den of Satan that it is now.

The plot begins to twist, when our main character – Jerry – meets a girl named Lise Dassin, who is a dancer and falls in love with her. Soon he finds out that she is the bride of Henri Baurel and largely associated with him. Namely – not with feeling of love even, but with as a sense of responsibility caused by the fact that he has saved her during the Nazi occupation. She is grateful to him, and therefore sees no other option to implement her gratitude to practice, but to marry him, and to take care about him.

However, she also wants to realize herself as a dancer and with a high probability, it will not happen if she would become an exemplary wife. In addition, she is also imbued with certain sympathy for Jerry. In the course of the plot, after her successful debut performance on the big stage, she realizes that she must rethink her feelings for Henri. The friends of Henri – Adam and Jerry, who at first strongly support association of his life with Lise, then come to the conclusion that Henry probably should decide himself with the future (especially since he was already middle-aged, according to the film – he looks clearly more than 40 years old).

After Henri and Lise revise their attitude to each other, Lise understands that she wants to be with Jerry and they meet on the picturesque banks of the river.
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