American in Paris, An review

American in Paris, An Review - Broadway musical

Without unnecessary intricacies, a musical based on the 1951 film of the same name, tells the story of a certain segment of lives of four main characters – three men and one woman who are somehow connected with the Bohemia (somebody sings, another plays and a third draws). All this is happening on the background of the first years after WWII, and the plot involves a love triangle, one side of which is not passion or love, but simple affection, mixed-up with a very great sense of responsibility.

Paris devoted many admiring odes. Moreover, Paris became the center of European culture in the eyes of Americans. For example, when someone from USA says that he is going to Europe, all around admire "Oh, Paris, a romantic place you choose!". As if there no other places in Europe – London, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Krakow, Lvov, Kiev, Dublin, Amsterdam, Manchester, eventually! And very different opinions of public on both ends of the ocean exist. For example, someone from Berlin tells his friends that the local girls are too constrained and he is going to go for a week to USA, to find horny girls there. And the same, in USA someone tells his friends that the local girls are too constrained and he is going to go for a week in Europe, to find horny girls there. And in both situations, their friends completely agree these guys! It is so amusingly!

On the same principle of ignorance of the real situation, this film was conceived and implemented. But whatever the reason is, the result was more than excellent. The film won the Oscar, and musical on Broadway received a Tony Award. And there, and there music and singing are the main things, not what is happening at the background of plot (because it all can be told literally within three sentences). It has a backdrop of confronted worlds – sullen world of post-war Europe and all attempts of characters to stay positive and to think about much better world than the one that you see looking out the window.

Broadway musical involves 25 actors, which are led by an experienced team of people, one of whom received the Pulitzer, the other received a Tony, and the rest – just experienced fellows, on account of which more than one fantastically successful staging.

The musical was played in Paris and in the USA and we would not be surprised if after its great success, it will go on a tour to capitals of the world, rolling up even to the Philippines, how often other musicals from Broadway do.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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