Ace synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. In These Skies
  2. Life Can Be Cruel 
  3. It Took This Moment 
  4. Make It From Scratch 
  5. Be My Bride 
  6. Letter From The Front 
  7. The Dogfight 
  8. Soaring Again 
  9. It's Just A Matter Of Time 
  10. I Know It Can Be Done 
  11. Missing Pieces 
  12. Sooner Or Later 
  13. In The Skies (reprise) 
  14. We're The Only Ones 
  15. Seeing Things In A Different Light 
  16. That's That It Should Say 
  17. Finale Sequence 

Ace synopsis

Ace Synopsis - Broadway musical

Act 1

Saint Louis, Missouri, 1952. Boy of 10 years, Danny asks for assistance, as a mother is seemed to be dead. She is placed in the mental facility due to swallowing the numerous pills wishing to die. Danny goes to foster and a supervisor limits his mother seeing a boy, only letters or gifts are allowed. After she goes out of this facility, she returns home and wishes to get over the past and to take Danny back to her.

Danny now possesses a new family — Milligans. They are expecting a newborn. After that, boy meets several new people by reading the diaries of his mother and one of them is a pilot, so the plot begins.

A boy now meets a girl in the school and they are falling in some mystery-solving and we see the other-time actions that are revealed before our eyes in the past with participation of a pilot (it all is read from diaries, letters and photos).

Act 2

Thought Danny tries to make out a new life with the foster parents, he experience a new coming-back and from the new piece of diary, get acquainted with Mr. Charlie Anderson, sobriquet as "Ace". Thought Charlie dreams of being an engineer for aircrafts, his mother dreams of him to be a pilot. Via discovering several new items along with the letter, we now know that a mother of Danny, Elizabeth, is a beloved of Charlie and they meet in 1935. So the boy experience a first look at his father (on a picture).

Ace dies in the skies in a voluntary fly and because of that Elizabeth cries and doesn’t want to forgive him that he agreed to fly over there at the first place. So after Danny knows it all, he reunites with his mother and they forgive everything to each other.
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