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Little Night Music Musical Lyrics

Little Night Music Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture / Night Waltz Lyrics
  3. Now Lyrics
  4. Later Lyrics
  5. Soon Lyrics
  6. The Glamorous Life Lyrics
  7. Remember? Lyrics
  8. You Must Meet My Wife Lyrics
  9. Liaisons Lyrics
  10. In Praise Of Women Lyrics
  11. Every Day A Little Death Lyrics
  12. A Weekend In The Country Lyrics
  13. Act 2
  14. Night Waltz I-The Sun Won't Set Lyrics
  15. Night Waltz ll-The Sun Sits Low Lyrics
  16. It Would Have Been Wonderful Lyrics
  17. Perpetual Anticipation Lyrics
  18. Send In The Clowns Lyrics
  19. The Miller's Son Lyrics
  20. Finale Lyrics

Little Night Music description

Songs for the musical were composed by S. Sondheim. Screenwriter is H. Wheeler. The musical was brought on Broadway’s Shubert Theatre scene from February 1973 to August 1974 & survived for 601 exhibitions & 12 preliminaries. Production shifted to Majestic Theatre on Sep. 1973, where it eventually died. The director of this spectacular was H. Prince, the choreographer – P. Birch. Stars were: G. Johns, L. Cariou, V. Mallory, H. Gingold, L. Guittard, J. Kahan, M. Lambert, P. Elliott.

In the United States, there was a tour. The first show was in the Forrest Theatre in Feb. 1974. The last – in Boston in Shubert Theatre in Feb. 1975. Thus, this touring lasted for 1 year. J. Simmons, G. L. Andrews, M. Hamilton were involved in this histrionics.

In London, the first show was held in Adelphi Theatre on April 1975 with J. Simmons, J. Ackland, H. Gingold, L. Robertson & D. Kernan. 1989 in West End there was a resurrection directed by I. Judge, choreographed by A. V. Laast.

The another revival of this production took place in London in 1995 & in 2008. Exhibition of the new spectacular on Broadway was in late 2009 in the W. Kerr Theatre. The cast were involved: C. Zeta-Jones, A. Lansbury & A. Hanson among others.

The musical was held in France, Sweden, Finland & Australia. The performances of the play were awarded with a number of prizes: Drama Desk (6), Grammy (1), Theatre World (3), Tony (6), Laurence Olivier (1), & Outer Critics Aw. (1). In 1977, the film adaptation of the musical took place.
Release date: 1973
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

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