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Little Mary Sunshine Musical Lyrics

Little Mary Sunshine description

For the first time, this off-Broadway musical production was shown on the stage of New York's Orpheum Theatre, located in the East Village. The premiere took place on November 1959. The director & choreographer of the production was Ray Harrison. Eileen Brennan starred as Mary Sunshine. William Graham played Captain Jim, John MakMartin was Ranger Billy.

The musical was very popular with the public – it stayed on the stage of the theater for almost three years. It was shown 1143 plays before withdrawal from the scene was announced. Showing the musical officially ended in September 1962. West End hosted it under the leadership of Paddy Stone, starring P. Routledge, T. Cooper, B. Cribbins & E. Bishop. The premiere of the musical was held in May 1962 in the local theater of comedy. In the UK, only 43 performances have been shown & because of the negative reviews, it was closed. The performance received Obie award in the category of best musical of the season. Its originality was noted by critics from Broadway and West End.

This production is a good satire on the mores of the recent past. In the names of the songs and the main characters, references can be found to well-known operettas and classical productions of that time. The histrionics is based on a variety of standard templates, elevated to the grotesque.
Release date: 1959
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

Little Mary Sunshine Lyrics

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