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Lestat Musical Lyrics

Lestat description

Lestat refers to a new generation of Broadway musicals. It is based on a book of famous novelist Anne Rice, titled The Vampire Chronicles. In particular, we are talking about well-known creations like Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat. The music has been made by Elton John, dialogues developed by Bernie Taupin, and the libretto made by Linda Woolverton.

The place of the debut of the musical is San Francisco. Despite the high expectations of the creators, the creation has received much criticism. April 2006 – the first show of the musical on Broadway. After 39 constant performances, it became clear that very few viewers feel an interest in this project. Estimates of the New York audience largely duplicated California reviews. It was decided to stop further exhibitions.

Interestingly, that the pre-Broadway version of histrionics had a great success. For a long time, it even held the record at the box office in the San Francisco’s history. But one way or another, the Broadway musical’s directors decided to change the project radically by removing from it much of the design and stage effects. As a result, the new creation has become more like a movie (which collected USD 223 millions in the cinemas), but it was not enough to spectators.

Despite the large amount of negativity, chasing this production, it received two nominations for Tony, namely: actress C. Carmello (Gabriel) & costume designer S. Hilferty. Though they didn’t receive the awards, producers proved that Lestat has many strong points, which have not been seen by the audience.
Release date: 2006
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

Lestat Lyrics

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