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Leader of the Pack Musical Lyrics

Leader of the Pack description

The plot is based on the life of Ellie Greenwich, as it is obvious. The first show of the histrionics took place in New York’s nightclub in Greenwich Village from April to May 1984. It received excellent reviews. The performance was soon ready for Broadway.

The way of Leader of the Pack was thorny. A lot of directors changed before it was Michael Peters who took it over. The man also carried choreography’s performance. The composer of the musical was – surprise, surprise – Ellie Greenwich. The script & lyrics created by her, J. Barry, P. Spectrum, G. S. Morton, J. Kent, E. Foley & A. Beatts. Previews on Broadway were held at February 1985. The premiere of the musical took place on April at the stage of Ambassador. After 120 shows, the production derived from the repertoire. It happened at the end of July 1985. In the musical were involved E. Greenwood, D. Manoff, P. Cassidy, D. Bailey, A. Golden, D. Love & G. Taylor.

In 2000-2001, there was a US tour. In 2015, the play was shown in London in two locations: in the Waterloo Theater and in the West End on the stage of Aldwych Theatre. Production was nominated for Tony for Best Musical.
Release date: 1984
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

Leader of the Pack Lyrics

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