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Kismet Musical Lyrics

Kismet description

Created by E. Knoblock’s Kismet spectacular of 1911, this histrionics was made in 1953 with the premiere in Vegas. It arrived afterwards to San Francisco. After successful performances in the theater of two major cities, hit staged on Broadway on December 1953, settling at Ziegfeld Theatre’s stage. The leading roles on Broadway played popular actors: A. Drake, R. Kiley, H. Calvin, J. Diener & D. Morrow. In the same year, it was recorded on vinyl, after which copied on CD by Broadway Records.

During the first night of the histrionics on the main stage of the world, it was collective boycott of workers of newspapers & therefore producers had to make quite an effort to let the play on television advertising. Musical became popular. We cannot say that all the reviews about it were good. Some critics have pointed out that humor could be made thinner & the plot – deeper. But even they could not help but notice that some songs have become extremely popular & lasted long on the radio & TV (such as Stranger in Paradise).

On Broadway, the play officially ended performances in 1954, after 583 fantastic exhibitions. In London's West-End Kismet was even more successful. It happened on the scene of Stoll Theatre in April 1955, stayed there for 648 appearances.

The musical was nominated for three Tony Award, taking all of them, one of which was an honorable Best Musical.
Release date: 1953
Last Update:April, 20th 2016

Kismet Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture, Sands Of Time Lyrics
  3. Rhymes Have I Lyrics
  4. Fate Lyrics
  5. Bazaar of The Caravans Lyrics
  6. Not Since Nineveh Lyrics
  7. Baubles, Bangles And Beads Lyrics
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  9. He's In Love! Lyrics
  10. Gesticulate Lyrics
  11. Act 2
  12. Night Of My Nights Lyrics
  13. Was I Wazir? Lyrics
  14. Rahadlakum Lyrics
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  19. Was I Wazir? Lyrics

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