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King Kong Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue   add
  3. Dance My Way to the Light   add
  4. Queen of New York
  5. Building the Boat/Setting Sail   add
  6. Cabin Soliloquy   add
  7. Pressure Up   add
  8. The Mutiny   add
  9. The World   add
  10. Full Moon Lullaby   add
  11. Act 2
  12. Bringing the King   add
  13. The Wild and Perilous Sea   add
  14. Last of Our Kind   add
  15. Last of Our Kind (Reprise)   add
  16. Scream for the Money   add
  17. Broadway Nightmare   add
  18. The World (Reprise)   add
  19. Empire Soliloquy   add
  20. Free   add

The musical is a theatrical re-imagination of the classic film of the same name. It begins with the filmmaker Carl Denham at the New York Harbor on Captain Eaglehorn’s ship, The Venture. He is eager to begin his new project. He hasn’t, however, been able to find the ideal actress for the female role. Luckily for him, he finds Ann Darrow in the streets of New York. He promises her the opportunity to be a part of a thrilling adventure, and he whisks her off onto his ship. They sail to the unexplored Skull Island. He speaks of a beast called Kong which is believed to live on the island. The musical traces the story of the duo as they try and capture this enormous beast.

The musical is a tale of adventure and love, with a two thousand pound, twenty foot tall gorilla at the centre of it, and a woman who puts everything at stake to save him.
Release date: 2018
Last Update:July, 05th 2020

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