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Just So description

The first show of this musical took place in 1984 in the town of Newbury, as a preliminary reading in the framework of the graduate works of students from the college. In 1985, the work-out after the preliminary reading started as a full-fledged piece of music play, and a full demonstration took place only 14 years later. However, we cannot say that the preliminaries were highly disastrous – the students even won a local prize for the best graduate work. In 1998, the show was already in the opera house, in 2000 and 2003 – in conventional theaters. In 2005 – a few days it was running during the festival in the Chichester, a year later – in the Globe Theatre, after another 2 years – in Kanata Theatre, and finally, in 2010, Birmingham Repertory Theatre held its show a last time as of today.

The plot’s basis are the stories of Rudyard Kipling about animals that are intertwined here in a long epos, where the main protagonist is a small elephant, unsure of himself, but honest, bold and frank. Antagonist – a great big crab, which became so due to some kind of magic, and now, like a mafia, terrorizing all the inhabitants of the coastal waters during own devastating forays onto land.

From the appearance of the original idea until the financial payback of this stage production, it has been almost 20 years, and mostly because the creator had a great belief in success, promoted his creation by all means available to him. If it weren’t, the play might be under the line. The main idea, which is postulated in this histrionics – for great achievements a small participator sometimes enough, if he constantly oppresses his line and persistent in his insistence, without departing from the planned, investing every available effort.

C. Mackintosh was the creator and co-producer. In 1989, its director was J. McKenzie, and a year later the chair of director took M. Ockrent (the last guy is known as the creator of the shows for TV (in particular, A Christmas Carol) and musicals like Atkinson, Crazy for You and Big, which was produced after a film With Tom Hanks).
Release date: 1984
Last Update:April, 19th 2016

Just So Lyrics

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