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Jungle Book Musical Lyrics

Jungle Book description

The premiere of the cartoon took place in the world in October 1967. Box offices have surpassed all expectations, and still this musical is registered in the history in the number of leaders of box offices. Lyrics were written mostly by famous Sherman brothers, who have not read the book before and did not attempt to adjust the lyrics under the gloomy mood of Kipling, together with Terry Gilkison. Instrumental music was made by George Bruns.

Cartoon itself was the last work of Walt Disney, which he produced from start to finish. Because of the stubbornness of Disney, one of the screenwriters, Bill Peet, left the team, not wanting to accept the lighter and carefree version of Kipling's work. The following writers, who have received the script in hands, were ordered by Walt Disney not to read the book.

From the capital changes in the plot, in addition to the removal of many main characters on the background, is the change in the remaining protagonist characters. For example, harsh and strict Bear Baloo turns into a reckless gouging, which only teaches Mowgli live with today, scratching the back of the palm trees and never mind the problems. But a wise old python Kaa that was instructing Mowgli, becomes an angry snake, who kidnapped the boy for the purpose of eating. It should be noted that the Monkey King Louis is absent in the book, because the monkeys couldn’t choose a leader.

Cartoon appeared on DVD in 2008. The premiere of this event was held on December, 2008. In 1943, the cartoon received Oscar for the best song, was nominated for another four categories, but did not take any more.
Release date: 1967
Last Update:April, 19th 2016

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