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The staging has been conceived in 1950, when the family of the actress wanted to glorify her name, creating a stage musical. It was necessary to spend USD 1 million on it, and they have applied for funding from several eminent theatrical producers of that time, who made input of half of the amount, the rest creators of the show have invested themselves. The only condition was to attend the star Cheryl Crawford, but later she was replaced by more eminent Mary Martin.

Production was revised several times in the course of development, as the original script did not suit the producers, or failed during the previews (for example, one version during the pre-reading lasted for only 1 week). As a result, it was decided not to adhere to any chronology or the veracity of the narrative about the life events of prototypes, completely changing the story for the sake of entertainment.

After that began a pre-Broadway shows, as a result of which many critics, though positively speaking about the musical part of the play, generally revealed restrained, moderate reaction on to this theatrical. Many called it boring, solemn, too formal, even disappointing. The composer even sued one of too zealous critics, who allowed himself to say that the composer has stolen some of the sound from other composers.

When production came to the then thriving Detroit, there was a small change of actors (D. O'Keefe left & G. Wallace took his place). Following some personal reasons, the creators did not want to go to NY, but then they had to make up the settlement for the audience that already purchased tickets for substantial USD 1.35 million, which forced them to adhere to previous commitments.

So, on the Broadway musical was opened in 1963 and gave only 86 shows, including the preliminary ones. The critics were right – the story was too dry to stick to hearts of the audience, and a substantial portion of invested funds had not paid off.
Release date: 1963
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Jennie lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture Lyrics   add
  3. Waitin' for the Evening Train Lyrics   add
  4. When You're Far Away from New York Town Lyrics   add
  5. I Still Look at You That Way Lyrics   add
  6. For Better or Worse Lyrics   add
  7. Born Again Lyrics   add
  8. Over Here Lyrics   add
  9. Before I Kiss the World Goodbye Lyrics   add
  10. Sauce Diable Lyrics   add
  11. Where You Are Lyrics   add
  12. The Jig Lyrics   add
  13. See Seattle Lyrics   add
  14. Act 2
  15. High Is Better Than Low Lyrics   add
  16. The Night May Be Dark Lyrics   add
  17. Dance Rehearsal Lyrics   add
  18. I Believe in Takin' a Chance Lyrics   add
  19. Welcome Lyrics   add
  20. Lonely Nights Lyrics   add
  21. Before I Kiss the World Goodbye (Reprise) Lyrics   add
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