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Jekyll & Hyde Musical Lyrics

Jekyll & Hyde description

The pre-Broadway tour started in 1990, scoring a box office records and collected a lot of positive feedback. The productions involved almost unknown actors of that time, but, obviously, they were able to cope with their task. Musical has reached the Broadway only in 1997. The production was based on the book by Robert Stevenson, and being already on Broadway, it was re-written in another way, as libretto under the direction of Robin Phillips.

Until the opening on Broadway, 45 preliminary runs were made. On the stage of the Broadway’s Plymouth Theatre, musical survived through 1543 times, which was a record number of runs in the theater of that time. Opening of Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway happened on April, 1997, and closure was on January, 2001. The musical was very popular, it was mentioned in the newspapers and posters to it were bright and colorful, proving a great time spent on the Broadway’s stage. DVD has been recorded and TV show in 2000 was filmed. It was the only recording of this musical, which was released on disc – in 2001. In 1999, a musical went in the US tour for the first time. The second time happened in 2000. Both times were successful and paid off the invested money.

Revival of the spectacle was scheduled on April 2013. Not to say that this time histrionics was able to succeed, but it survived for about fifty runs. The play was also staged in different countries: Italy, Malta, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland & New Zealand. In 2015, the series was filmed based on the musical of the same name, but, unfortunately, unsuccessful.
Release date: 1997
Last Update:April, 19th 2016

Jekyll & Hyde Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Lost In The Darkness Lyrics
  3. Facade Lyrics
  4. Pursue The Truth / Facade (Reprise 1) / Emma's Reason Lyrics
  5. I Must Go On / Take Me As I Am Lyrics
  6. Letting Go Lyrics
  7. Facade (Reprise 2) Lyrics
  8. No One Knows Who I Am Lyrics
  9. Good 'N' Evil Lyrics
  10. Now There Is No Choice / This Is The Moment Lyrics
  11. First Transformation Lyrics
  12. Alive Lyrics
  13. Your Work- And Nothing More Lyrics
  14. Sympathy, Tenderness Lyrics
  15. Someone Like You Lyrics
  16. Alive (Reprise) Lyrics
  17. Act 2
  18. Murder, Murder Lyrics
  19. Once Upon A Dream Lyrics
  20. Obsession Lyrics
  21. In His Eyes Lyrics
  22. Dangerous Game / Facade (Reprise 3) Lyrics
  23. The Way Back Lyrics
  24. A New Life Lyrics
  25. Confrontation Lyrics
  26. Facade (Reprise 4) / Finale Lyrics
  27. Other Songs:
  28. I Need To Know Lyrics
  29. Bitch Bitch Bitch Lyrics
  30. The Engagement Party Lyrics
  31. The Board Of Governors/ Jekyll's Plea Lyrics
  32. Bring On The Men Lyrics
  33. Reflections Lyrics
  34. The World Has Gone Insane Lyrics
  35. The Girls Of The Night Lyrics
  36. If You Only Knew Lyrics
  37. Lucy Meets Jekyll/ Heres to the Night Lyrics
  38. Lucy Meets Hyde Lyrics
  39. No One Must Ever Know Lyrics
  40. Love Has Come Of Age Lyrics
  41. Possesed Lyrics

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