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Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris Musical Lyrics

Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris description

The musical is completely based on the songs written by the composer J. Brel, which were translated into English. The characteristic feature of the musical is that the show has been made in a revue genre, which has no certain plot. The first display took place at a small village theater in 1968. The actors were the following: E. Stone, M. Shuman, S. Elliott & A. Whitfield. M. Yakim became the director. In the musical, there are about 25 songs. Brel himself took an active part in the creation of the musical. He also added some French lyrics to the show.

In 1972, a big concert, at which the creators were present, took place and 22 actors played in it. The musical was popular not only in Northern America. In 1968, the producers decided to create the Canadian version of the show. R. Jeffrey, J. Lander, A. Meadows and S. Porter took part in it. The displays in South Africa became the longest. The show also took place in Australia, France, Ireland, Nederland & Denmark, amongst others.

In 1973, in Ohio, two-weeks display of the musical was planned. Because of the increased popularity, it was prolonged for two years. The funds, raised during the show displays, helped to restore a theater, in which the musical was exhibited. In 1975, there was a movie created, which included several new songs. In 1988, Brel died. In spite of that fact, the name of the show remained invariable. The performance was nominated for the prestige awards, such as Drama Desk, Drama League & Outer Critics Circle. D. Bowie included the lyrics from the musical into his list of favorite 25 songs.
Release date: 1968
Last Update:April, 19th 2016

Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris Lyrics

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