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If/Then Musical Lyrics

If/Then description

This is the Broadway musical created by M. Greif., B. Yorkey became the author of music. Preliminary shows began on Broadway in spring 2013 and lasted about two weeks. The official version was shown in 2014. I. Menzel (Elizabeth), LaChanze (Kate), J. Snyder (Josh), and A. Rapp (Lucas). T. S. Lawrence, J. Colella, J. Dixon & J. Tam were the substitute actors. In total, this histrionics had 401 performances.

The same year the musical made a soundtrack. It was recorded and released by studio "Masterworks Broadway". The album debuted on the 19th place in the Billboard 200 list. It is the highest chart position for Broadway records since the musical "Bohemia" in 1996.

For all the time of performing on Broadway (including a stage of pre-displays), the musical earned about 30.6 million dollars. The average percent of the hall fullness made 82.4%. The cash week record falls on the seventh week of displaying: the musical collected $1 104 188 for eight performances only. It was a financial success.

Next year American tour, which lasted 4 months, began. The musical has 13 nominations. It managed to receive only 6 of them, including Audience Award for song, musical, lead actress, love line, featured actor and actress.
Release date: 2014
Last Update:March, 28th 2016

If/Then Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue Lyrics
  3. What If? Lyrics
  4. It's a Sign Lyrics
  5. A Map of New York Lyrics
  6. You Never Know Lyrics
  7. Ain't No Man Manhattan Lyrics
  8. What the Fuck? Lyrics
  9. Here I Go Lyrics
  10. You Don't Need to Love Me Lyrics
  11. No More Wasted Time Lyrics
  12. Surprise Lyrics
  13. Act 2
  14. This Day / Walking By A Wedding Lyrics
  15. Hey Kid Lyrics
  16. Some Other Me Lyrics
  17. Best Worst Mistake Lyrics
  18. I Hate You Lyrics
  19. A Map Of New York (Reprise) Lyrics
  20. You Learn to Live Without Lyrics
  21. The Moment Explodes Lyrics
  22. Love While You Can Lyrics
  23. What Would You Do? Lyrics
  24. Always Starting Over Lyrics
  25. What If? (Reprise) Lyrics

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