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I Do! I Do! Musical Lyrics

I Do! I Do! description

The plot of the musical is based on the book written by J. de Hartog. D. Merrick became the first person, who made the musical. He didn’t have enough money for the expensive suits and scenery. Besides, there were few actors in his team. Nevertheless, he managed to create the musical, which on four previews has collected some cash to live. After that, the musical was agreed to show on Broadway. The first display took place in 1966. The leading roles were played by M. Martin & R. Preston. They also took part in the national round.

The show made great success; therefore, it was closed only in one and a half year. In addition, in 1967, the matinees began. K. Lawrence & G. McRae took part in them, and then they replaced the previous actors at the evening performances. 2 years after the premiere, an America tour began. It was initially planned to visit 27 cities. But the chief actor got sick, and the musical visited about a half of the cities. The other performances had to be cancelled.

Besides the performance on the Broadway scene, the musical has a screen version. The first idea about the creation of the movie came to in 1969, but in 1970 the production was stopped. Financial losses of some performances became the reason for that. The second version was created in 1982 and shown on TV. Because of small expenses, the show still has success at small regional theaters. The audience saw the first remake in 1996. Since then, the musical has pleased the audience of America from time to time. The performance received two Tony awards: for the Best Director and the Best Play.
Release date: 1966
Last Update:March, 28th 2016

I Do! I Do! Lyrics

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