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Happiest Girl in the World, The Musical Lyrics

Happiest Girl in the World, The description

The first show of the musical took place on April 1961. It has been staged not long, only four months without one & a half weeks. Closure came in June 1961.

This musical on Martin Beck Theatre’s stage gave 96 runs. Eight roles in this theatrical were acted by one person, C. Ritchard, including several major ones. Subsequently, vinyl recording of music was done by Columbia company.

The staging has the basis of the Greek mythology & the story of Aristophanes & his famous "Lysistrata" comedy, describing similar events. Drawing inspiration from Aristophanes’ legacy & out of the variety of myths of Greece of ancient times, F. Saidy & H. Mayers created own libretto. The music was originated by J. Offenbach.

In 1961, production has become nominated on Aw. Theatre World. B. Yarnell was awarded with it, playing a role of General Kinesias. In 1962, this spectacle was included in the short-list of Tonies (D. Krupska), but haven’t win any.
Release date: 1961
Last Update:March, 10th 2016

Happiest Girl in the World, The Lyrics

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