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Grand Hotel Musical Lyrics

Grand Hotel description

Grand Hotel is based on the literary work by L. Davis. R. Wright, G. Forrest and M. Yeston were the authors of the music. The first performance took place at the Martin Beck Theatre in 1989. Actors were the following: L. Montevecchi, M. Jeter, D. Carroll, T. Jerome, J. Wylie, B. Stillman & J. Krakowski. The musical lasts without interruption, fitting in 1 act.

The original version was nominated for 12 Tony awards. It received 5 of them, including for the direction & outstanding choreography. Release of recording was planned. But it was constantly transferred, because of Carrol’s illness (he played Baron). The actor was fatally ill and died while sound recording. In memory of Carrol, there is a bonus-track with his performance, on a charity event against AIDS, where he sings the main song of Baron. B. Barrett took his place in the musical.

The show was also performed in London: in Dominion Theatre and Southwark Playhouse. The musical has a tradition: every year a reunion concert is held. Well-known Broadway actors participate in it.
Release date: 1989
Last Update:March, 09th 2016

Grand Hotel Lyrics

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