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Good News Musical Lyrics

Good News description

In total, the musical had 3 versions. The original first Broadway version was created in 1917. It was done by E. MacGregor. First of all, the idea consisted in reflecting spirit of that time. Many jazz compositions sounded in this histrionics. There were 557 scenes in an exhibition.

Actors are as follows: J. Price, M. Lawlor, G. Shy, I. Courtney & Z. O'Neal. The second version was created in 1974 by H. Rigby. The histrionics was played on Broadway in a version of a first musical. Some songs were excluded from the show, some of them were interpreted or added. The musical became the nominee of Drama Desk for choreography.

It should be noted that in the first version the teacher of astronomy was a man. Producer of the second musical rewrote the scenario to make a new love line. In 1993, the actor, who played Tommy in the second version, offered to create a new play for Music Theatre of Wichita. He made some corrections. For example, the love line of the teacher of astronomy and his trainer it was excluded from a plot again. Connie also didn't help Tom to pass his exam. The version reminded the original one. However, the particular emphasis was placed not on love lines but on relationships of pupils in general.
Release date: 1927
Last Update:March, 09th 2016

Good News Lyrics

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