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Goodbye Girl, The Musical Lyrics

Goodbye Girl, The description

For the first time, the audience saw the musical at the Chicago Shubert Theatre in 1992. It was directed by G. Saks, who was soon was replaced by M. Kidd. The musical begins with Paula and Lucie's joint song. According to the idea of authors, the song about their desire to move in California is necessary to show the true character of Paula before moving. A viewer should see a cheerful woman, who is full of hopes to understand that Paula actually isn't rough and captious.

The first shows collected a sufficient sum of money to create the musical on Broadway: the first premiere took place in 1993. In total, the musical was shown for 188 times.

The following actors took part in the performance: B. Peters, M. Short with T. Minoff. It was a debut of M. Short on Broadway. The musical was also performed at the Marriott Theatre. It was created by D. Zippel, who entered the changes into the list of songs.

The third version with completely re-thought lyrics was shown at the Albery Theatre in the West End. G. Wilmot and A. Crumb were the main actors. However, show didn't receive many positive comments because of the music part.
Release date: 1993
Last Update:March, 09th 2016

Goodbye Girl, The Lyrics

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