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Gone Missing Musical Lyrics

Gone Missing description

The musical was created by the ingenious theatrical association, named The Civilians, which members use polls, researches, interview and other documentary methods for creation of the original performances. St. Cosson became the founder of base for the musical and its director, Michael Friedman was engaged in verses, lyrics and musical filling.

The first stage of the musical took place in 2003, and the New York Belt Theatre became a place of the performance. Such actors, as M. Dizzia, D. Baldet, J. R. Morris and the others made a cast. Less than a year after the play, it was transferred to the British Gate Theatre. The off-Broadway play for the first time ran in 2007 in the legendary Barrow Street Theatre under the producer business of S. Morfee & T. Wirtshafter. Besides an old cast, E. Ackerman, S. Plunkett and a couple more of new actors took part in theatrical.

Five years later the musical was performed at the Colwell Playhouse Theatre by the Michigan production of Hope College. Dr. D. Robins became the director, and Skye Edwards went in choreography, whose work was highly appreciated, as well as the whole performance.
Release date: 2007
Last Update:March, 09th 2016

Gone Missing Lyrics

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