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Golden Boy Musical Lyrics

Golden Boy description

The theatrical was staged according to the book written by Cl. Odets in a co-authorship with W. Gibson. Those, who were engaged in a musical component and verses, are Charles Strouse & Lee Adams.

Notably, the main character in the original narrative was the showing promises doctor, who practiced boxing to pay for the studying. He was trying to apply his hands carefully and the rescue of lives of the Afro-Americans, whom white doctors didn't pay attention, was his purpose.

After attempt of the Detroit performance, one of authors of the book died, and the second had to process the original. The main character suddenly lost noble motives and turned into the embittered man, who is compelled by fists to gain authority of oneself and to be reconciled with contempt of people around.

On Broadway, the musical was staged in 1964 for the first time. The well-known Majestic Theatre became a scene of action. Arthur Penn was engaged in direction and dancing part of theatrical was staged by Donald McKayle. Besides 25 different previews, the musical passed 568 spectacles. Such actors as P. Wayne, K. Tobey, B. Daniels and others, made a cast. The leading role was played by legendary "Sammy" Davis. The musical was delivered on four nominations of "Tony", but won neither.
Release date: 1964
Last Update:March, 09th 2016

Golden Boy Lyrics

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