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Gay Divorce, The Musical Lyrics

Gay Divorce, The description

The book, which formed the theatrical basis, was written by D. Taylor, and it was processed for a stage by Webb & Hoffenstein. Cole Porter was engaged in musical part of the show.

Before the Broadway, performance took place in 1932 in the Boston Wilbur Theatre and less than a month later repeated in the Shubert Theatre in New Haven. Broadway musical took place the same year in the Ethel Barrymore Theatre and was transferred to the Shubert Theatre at the beginning of 1933, where it was lasting nearly 7 months and consisted of 248 representations. Howard Lindsay was engaged in direction, and a dancing component was staged by B. Newberry & C. Randall. The role of the writer-in-love was played by Fred Astaire, and his beloved was acted by Claire Luce.

West End's show opened the same year in the Palace Theatre and consisted of 180 exhibitions. Felix Edwardes became the director, and the cast remained almost the same, with the exception of several, having joined instead of old actors.

Few years later, the musical movie based on the play came out, the name was changed to The “Gay Divorcee” and in leading roles were such actors, as Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.

Later performances were already in the eighties. In 1983, the musical was staged in Goodspeed Opera House, and the advanced version was issued in NY off-Broadway 4 years later.
Release date: 1932
Last Update:March, 09th 2016

Gay Divorce, The Lyrics

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