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Fiorello Musical Lyrics

Fiorello description

The musical first opened in 1959 on Broadway at the Broadhurst Theatre in 1959, then moved to another theater in 1961, and at the end of this year, was closed, showing 795 shows in the aggregation. G. Abbott was the director, P. Gennaro performed the choreography. Actors were: P. Wilson, B. Holiday, E. Hanley, N. Frey & P. Stanley. A year later, in another place of Big Apple, abbreviated production opened in City Center and lasted for two weeks, giving 16 hits. A set of actors there was: R. Cash, S. Booke, H. Verbit, A. Lund, D. Clark, L. Fisher, R. France, P. Lipson, B. Williams & D. Goodman. The director was Jean Dalrymple.

The next release was in 1994, when the show was opened for a few days in the framework of the Encores!, which was launched this year for the first time. The director was Walter Bobbie. In 2013, in the same New York City a show under the direction of Gary Griffin with such actors was holding: K. Baldwin, D. Rutigliano, E. Dilly & S. Hensley.

Production of the musical was conceived as a critique and satire on the political system of the United States with an example of New York, where dominant companies were extremely corrupt officials, whose name – Tammany – even become a household name, who was adopting decisions on a poker table, selecting the next mayor of the city. Their influence has been greatly curtailed, practically reduced to zero at the beginning of 1930s, by the president Franklin Roosevelt. Their cynical views and blatant lie are fully revealed in the song Little Tin Box, in which they sing that accumulated their money just summing up coins in a small tin piggy bank, giving up cigarettes or lunch.
Release date: 1959
Last Update:February, 24th 2016

Fiorello Lyrics

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